About Us

Taking care of your body is what we do. Our massage salon is open for you seven days a week! We can help you feel better and more confident with our hands. We have an online booking system you might want to try out. If you book from us now, you will get a discount of 10%!

We hire professionals who can always help you with any type of massage you need. We have a strict system upon we choose our future workers. All of our personnel have the needed certificates and they complete essential training. Once a year, all of our workers have to complete some courses and learn something new.

We believe that people need to develop themselves and grow professionally, that is why we give our workers the opportunities they need. Right now our team consists of amazing people who are skilled and ready to become even better at their favorite job.

Our Team

  • Jennah
    Jennah has been working for us since the very beginning, which is why she is a valued member of our team. She makes us who we are and helps us deal with issues if those appear. She is a good specialist in Thai and Swedish massage.
  • Maria
    Maria is a new member of our team, but she learns really fast. She is now our specialist of deep tissue massage and is now learning to deal with Swedish massage. She loves people and chatting, so she will love to see you as her client.
  • Colline
    Colline worked in a medical center for a while and did massage there. When she had kids, she decided she didn’t want to spend too much time at work with rigid schedule and decided to work in a massage salon instead. Now she is a leading specialist in pain-relief massage. She worked with people with pains and conditions before and she knows how to help them.
  • Teisha
    Teisha absolutely loves exotic kinds of massage and she tried plenty of those on her own. She believes that living in learning, so she tries to learn different techniques. She works with different types of massage, depending on the schedule.
  • Josh
    Josh is the only man on our team, but he is a great masseur. He worked with a medical massage before, but now he is really into aromatherapy. He does anti-cellulite massage and also works with Swedish massage when he has a chance.

If you book a session in advance, you can choose a person who will do you a massage. If you come and request a session, you will have a limited choice. However, we can tell you that you won’t be disappointed with our service and our workers!