Tips to Enjoy Your Massage More

Getting a massage is always an interesting experience, but there are a few ways to enhance it. Some people make mistakes before they get their session, and those mistakes can seriously spoil the impression. However, if you keep in mind a few things, you will have the best massage in your life.

  • Don’t drink or eat before a massage session.
    If you ever went to a gym or used to run you should know that eating anything 3 hours prior to your training might end badly for your stomach. Well, the same goes for a massage. Some kinds of massages are rougher than others, but generally, you’re not supposed to eat much before a session.
  • Take the hot tub first.
    If you’re in a spa center and/or a massage is not the only thing you’re planning to do, you might want to arrive before your scheduled time to take a bath. It would lead to a more relaxing experience and a professional will have a better chance to address your issues. You might just take a hot shower, just stay in it a little bit longer than usual, let that hot water “go through” your body.
  • Arrive earlier.
    Rushing is always stressful, so try to arrive a little bit earlier. If it’s a spa, you will find something else to do while a masseur is busy. Or you might want to rest and relax while you’re waiting.
  • Talk to a masseur.
    If you want to talk to a professional to ensure you have all you need, don’t hesitate. A masseur will adjust the room temperature and switch off the music if you feel like it. You will also notice that talking to a person will make you feel at ease, which is good. If it helps you relax, talk to a specialist all you want. That’s also your chance to find out many interesting things about massage.
  • Don’t be afraid to leave your clothes on.

    If you know that you’re extremely uncomfortable with taking off your clothes, leave some of those on. Even if it’s a full body massage, you should be able to stay in your underwear. Don’t feel intimidated, the majority of people coming to a salon have this issue and experience awkwardness.

  • Don’t get rigid.
    If you notice that your muscles are getting too tight and you can’t relax, make sure you explain it to your masseur. They need to know this in order to help you. If you don’t relax, your massage simply won’t help you.
  • Focus on your breathing.
    Massage can be very meditative if you want it to be. It’s a great practice and a chance to fully relax. If you want to meditate during a session, you might just focus on your breathing and start counting the breaths.
  • Don’t get up too quickly.
    Some types of massages leave you completely exhausted. If you notice that you’re kind of light headed, make sure you take some time on that table. Don’t jump up, let your body regain itself.

You can make any massage session better if you learn to listen to yourself. Your body always tells you when it doesn’t like something or is stressed. Good professionals, like they have at Blissful Balance Massage in Stony Plain, AB should also listen to your body and muscles in order to deliver high-quality services.